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Director's Cup

Current Standings

AA Division Boys & Girls

Boys and Girls AA Divisions consists of;

  • Augusta Christian School,

  • Augusta Prep,

  • Episcopal Day School,

  • Horse Creek

  • Mead Hall School,

  • St. Mary's-Augusta, ,

  • Tall Pines Academy

  • Westminster School

A Division Boys & Girls.
Boys and Girls A Division consists of;

  • Alleluia School,

  • Community Christian Academy,

  • Curtis Baptist School,

  • Heritage Academy,

  • Midland Valley Christian Academy

  • Our Lady of Peace

  • St. Mary's-Aiken 

  • South Aiken Baptist

The AAMSL Director's Cup inaugural year is the 2019-2020 school year.  The Director's Cup is awarded the school that accumulates the most points during the school year.  The points are awards for where the school finishes in each sport. While all sports are eligible for Director's Cup points to be awarded, not all will be.  For there to be DC points, there must be a minimum of four (4) schools in their division competing for points to be distributed.  


The winning schools will receive a trophy.  



  • A minimum of four (4) teams are required to get points in a team sport.

  • League Champion earns 100 points.  2nd Place earns 90 pts., 3rd = 85 pts., 4th = 80 pts., 5th = 75 pts., etc.


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